8th Grade Students

Research Cruises

Plankton Dynamics & Carbon Cycling Cruise

Stratus Ocean Reference Station Cruise

Global Repeat Hydrography Cruise

NOAA Teacher
at Sea

Tools of Oceanography

Major research expeditions in physical oceanography aboard the R/V Roger Revelle, such as the cruises listed at the left, will be followed by the students in Debra Brice's 8th grade science classes at San Marcos Middle School in San Marcos, California to study.

Research scientists on these expeditions will provide ongoing support to the students by explaining their work and answering students' questions about their research projects and their jobs through video interviews with the scientists, live at-sea, two-way broadcasts to demonstrate their work, email communication, classroom visits and presentations by scientists, tours of research vessels, and following the activities of their teacher, Mrs. Brice, as she participates in selected expeditions as a teacher-at-sea.

Building the ROVs

The students will construct ROVs or Remotely Operated Vehicles similar to the ones used by the scientists on the research ships (shown at the upper right). A prototype of the ROV that the class will build has been constructed and modified by Chief Engineer Paul Mauricio (shown at the lower right) assisted by Gabriel Mauricio.

The classes will construct and test 20 ROVs this year. The students will also build the underwater cameras, hydrophones, current meters, and acoustic fathometers that the ROVs will carry. The ROVs will also carry temperature sensors. The students will learn how these tools are used for collecting data at sea.

Through these activities the students will learn about the rudiments of chemistry and analysis techniques, as well as how this information is applied to the search for better understanding of Global Climate change, the speed at which it is occuring and its possible long-term effects.

Testing the ROVs

The ROVs that they build will be tested and deployed by the students at the Open Ocean Tank at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California. In the photograph at the left, an ROV similar to the ones the students are building is being tested in the tank.

Some of the students will also have the opportunity to deploy their ROVs at sea aboard one of the research vessels from the Ocean Institute.