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The Research Vessel Roger Revelle

R/V Roger Revelle began construction in early 1993, was launched in April of 1995, and sailed on her maiden voyage from Mississippi to San Diego in July of 1996. Since then Revelle has supported many different oceanographic cruises, mostly in the Pacific Ocean.

The ship is named for Professor Roger Revelle (1909-1991), who was one of the twentieth century's most eminent statesmen of science.

The photograph above is not a horrible accident, but the launching of the R/V Roger Revelle.

R/V Roger Revelle (AGOR 24) is a 274-foot (83 meter) research ship operated by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a graduate division of the University of California, San Diego. It is the sister ship of the R/V Atlantis, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's deep submergence support ship that carries the submersible Alvin.


Revelle is the second of four new-generation AGOR oceanographic ships built by the U.S. Navy for operation by American oceanographic institutions. R/V Roger Revelle has a cruising speed of 12 knots and carries 22 crewmembers and 37 scientists.

The photograph at the right shows the R/V Roger Revelle sailing past the Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California.

Click here for an interactive virtual tour of R/V Roger Revelle.

Photographs are from http://scrippsnews.ucsd.edu/gallery/vessels
Information from http://www.divediscover.whoi.edu
For more information about the R/V Roger Revelle go to http://shipsked.ucsd.edu

HiSeasNet Communication System

HiSeasNet is the communication system used by the R/V Roger Revelle. HiSeasNet is the physical network that connects the ships at sea with the Internet by utilizing ROADNet. ROADNet is a wireless network and data management system collecting data from a wide variety of "sensors that monitor fire and seismic hazards, changing levels of environmental pollutants, water availability, and the distribution and movement of wildlife" in order to "make this data available in real-time to a variety of end-users, including researchers, policymakers, natural resource managers, educators, and students".
Learn more about ROADNet where this information and art came from at: http://roadnet.ucsd.edu/

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